Astronomical School’s Report, 2016, Volume 12, Issue 2

Vidmachenko A.P.86
Former 9th and possible future 9th planet in the Solar system
Yasenev S.O.96
Features of determining the parameters of dynamic shapes and gravitational fields of planetary satellites
Vidmachenko A.P., Shlakhetska Ya.O., Romanyuk Ya.O.101
A possible additional body in eclipsing binary system HS 2231+2441
Peresunko B.O., Nedohonova A.M., Kramarenko S.O., Juman B.B., Yankiv-Vitkovska L.M.105
Modelling of ionospheric time state using regular TEC observations
Shavlovskij V.I.111
A comparative analysis of photometric parameters of the Jupiter Galilean satellites' surfaces
Klimenchenko E.V.116
On incompleteness of the law of gravity at different Universe scales
Troianskyi V.V., Bazyey O.A.122
Dynamics of the asteroid rings (10199) Chariklo
Zyelyk Ya.I., Chornyy S.V., Podgorodetska L.V.125
Spectral studies and selection of test sites for the territory of Ukraine, potentially suitable for post launch radiometric calibration of the satellite ectro-optic sensors
Tishaev I.V., Zatserkovnyi V.I., Yagorlytska K.P.137
A technique of the structural-tectonic elevations prediction using Earth remote sensing data
Denysiuk V.P., Negodenko Е.V.142
Constructing approximate solutions of differential equations using fundamental functions
Burak K.O., Dorosh L.I.147
Study of possibilities of Google Earth cartographic data usage for creation of a geoinformation platform
Krivodubskij V.N.153
The role of the alpha effect of Babcock–Leighton in the generation of poloidal magnetic field of the Sun
Efimenko V.M.166
The way of K.I. Churyumov to science
Zatserkovnyi V.I., Bogoslavskyi M.D.171
Analysis of approaches to forecast landslide processes
Kozak L.V., Petrenko B.A.179
Statistical analysis of plasma turbulence using Cluster II data
Gladilin V.N.185
Models of determining deformations
Gebrin-Baydi L.V., Zheleznyak O.O., Tereshchenko A.O.190
Nonlinear mathematical model of the economic soil fertility for landscape areas of the Transcarpathia
Nikolaenko А.Е., Shugaley E.P.195
Use of satellite navigation systems for transport monitoring