Reviewer instructions


Please respond promptly to the Editor's message asking whether you are willing to referee an article. If you have other commitments and cannot referee it in the time requested, let him or her know immediately so that another referee can be chosen.

Questions to keep in mind as you read the article


Remember that it will take just as long to referee the article several weeks from now as it will today.

Conflicts of interest

Let the Editor know immediately if you may have a conflict of interest. For example, is one of the authors


You will be an anonymous referee unless you specify otherwise. It is acceptable to make your identity known to the authors by sending them a copy of your report, provided that you also send a copy to the Editor. If there is further correspondence between you and the authors, be sure to copy all messages to the Editor.

Grammar and English usage

If the manuscript needs a lot of copyediting, please note that fact in your report. It is not necessary for you to do that task yourself, however. Spelling, punctuation, grammar, and format will be corrected when the article passes to us for production and publication.


If the manuscript makes you angry, keep in mind that insulting or offending the authors may only make them feel you are biased against them. They may pay less attention to your otherwise useful review. A calm and persuasive report that makes exactly the same recommendations will be much more effective in guiding errant authors. Note that the Editor will remove unprofessional comments from referee reports.

Submitting a report

Please submit your report to