Reviewer instructions


Please respond to the Editor's request as soon as possible: whether you are ready to review the article. If you have other commitments and are unable to complete the review in due time, please report it immediately so that the Editor can choose another reviewer.


Remember, it will take some time to review the article. So evaluate your possibilities in advance.

Questions to keep in mind when reading this article

Conflicts of interest

Contact the Editor immediately if you may have a conflict of interest. For example, whether one of the authors


You will be an anonymous reviewer if you do not want to open youself. You may provide your name by sending a copy of your review to the authors, provided that you also submit a copy to the Editor. If you have additional correspondence with the authors, be sure to copy all messages to the Editor.


If the manuscript requires a lot of copyediting, please mention this fact in the review. You do not need to correct the text yourself. Spelling, punctuation, grammar and formatting will be corrected when the article will be submitted to us for publication.


Please respect the authors. If you do not like the manuscript, keep in mind that insulting authors you can only make them feel that you are biased against them. They may pay less attention to your comments on the manuscript, which may actually be very helpful to the authors. A calm and persuasive review that provides exactly the same recommendations will be much more effective for authors who have made mistakes. Please note that the Editor may remove non-professional comments from the review.

Submitting a review

Please submit your review to