Author instructions

Dear colleagues! The Editorial Board of “Astronomical School’s Report” invites you to publication of your scientific research.

Requirements for manuscript:

Language of the paper may be English, Ukrainian or Russian.

Maximal size of the paper is 16 pages for invited lectors and 8 pages for others (A4 format, approximately 30 lines per page, 65 symbols per line), including the abstract, references, tables and pictures.

The structure of the manuscript:

The recommended structure of the paper text:

If you need you can add another parts and divide them into subparts.

Formulae and literal notations should be typed in common style: variables are italic, vectors and matrices are boldface, functions are roman. It is advisable to use SI physical units.

The References should be ordered alphabetically and chronologically by the last names of the authors. The book editor’s last name (if authors’ names are absent on the cover page) is placed after the paper title. Such entries in the reference list are ordered by the title. For papers by five and more authors, only first three authors should be given, followed by “et al.”. The reference entry must correspond to the issue’s title page. For articles the reference entry must include the source title, year, issue number, first and last page numbers. Please use APA style for the References. All referenced in the text must be given in square brackets (for example, [2]). Citations of unpublished papers are not admitted.

An electronic version of the paper in LaTeX or Microsoft Word format must be sent via e-mail. When using LaTeX the authors should employ standard article class and avoid using of non-standard packages. Pictures are submitted in EPS or in one of popular raster formats. Pictures must be high quality black-and-white or gray images. Recommended size of pictures is 80–160 mm. Scanned images are disapproved.

Papers that do not satisfy the requirements are not considered. The paper is declined if it has not been corrected by author during 3 months after reviewing by Doctors of Science appointed by the Editorial board.

Papers should be sent by email to: