Astronomical School’s Report, 2004, Volume 5, Issue 1-2

Zotov L.V.8
The Earth’s pole position and rotation speed prediction
Solovaya N.A., Pittikh E.M.16
On possible planetary close approaches to high inclination asteroids
Krivodubs’ky V.N., Solonenko V.I., Churiumov K.I.23
Illintsi’s astroblem is the ancientest one on the Ukrainian crystal shield
Kiselev A.K.30
Diagnostics of impact crater on a material of research of lake Svetloyar
Zakhozhay V.A.34
Problem of planetary systems existence. I. Methods and means of the search
Zakhozhay V.A.55
Problem of planetary systems existence. II. Expected properties and the first results of the search
Goryunova O.S., Korokhin V.V., Akimov L.A., Shalygin E.V., Velikodsky Yu.I.73
On the mechanism of polarization origin at the polar regions of Jupiter
Reshetnik V.M., Dziubenko M.I.79
Auroral activity in connection with structure of the heliospheric magnetic field
Alexeev V.A., Gorin V.D., Ivliev A.I., Kashkarov L.L., Ustinova G.K.88
The Kunya–Urgench H5 Chondrite and its cosmophysical evidence
Berezhnoy A.A.95
Kinetics gas phase chemical reactions during eruptions of volcanoes on Io
Burday A.A., Dulich Yu.N., Staryy S.V., Chalenko I.O.100
Installation for radio observations of meteors
Chubko L.S., Churiumov K.I., Luk’yanyk I.V., Kleschonok V.V., Berezhnoy A.A., Chavushyan V.Kh., Sandoval L., Pal’ma A.104
Peculiarities of spectra of comet C/2002 T7 (LINEAR) in January 2004
Churyumov K.I., Kravtsov F.I., Chubko L.S., Melnik O.K.107
Peculiarity of solar radiation scattering by dust in the head of comet 21P/Giacobini–Zinner in 1985
Churiumov K.I., Luk’yanyk I.V., Kleschonok V.V., Chubko L.S., Berezhnoy A.A., Chavushyan V.Kh., Sandoval L., Pal’ma A.111
Identification of emission lines in the spectrum of comet C/2002 V1 (NEAT)
Filonenko V.S., Churyumov K.I.115
The light curves of comets C/2000 WM1 (LINEAR), C/2001 A2 (LINEAR), C/2002 C1 (Ikeya–Zhang), C/2002 F1 (Utsunomiya) and 19P/Borrelly
Gaftonyuk N.M., Kruglyy Yu.N.122
Photometric observations of six asteroids carried out in Simeiz in 2002
Gorbanev Yu.M., Golubaev A.V.126
Shift the photometric center of the gegenschein
Gorbanev Yu.M., Ivanova I.I.135
Modelling of meteors light-curves
Gorbanev Yu.M., Kimakovsky S.R.141
A statistical modelling of meteor showers
Gorbanev Yu.M., Knyaz’kova E.F.150
The birth of the young meteor streams near the Sun
Kovalenko N.S., Babenko Yu.G., Churyumov K.I.163
On dynamical and physical evolution of 95P/Chiron as Centaurs representative
Markina A.K., Skoblikova L.Ya.169
Statistical distributions of orbital elements of interstellar meteors
Novikov G.G., Petsina P., Sokolov O.V.171
Consideration of meteoroid rotation in physical theory of meteors
Pittichová J., Meech K.J.177
Physical properties of comet 81P Wild 2
Pittich E.M., Solovaya N.A.185
Models of SOHO comets with near-parabolic orbits
Smirnov V.A.189
The interpretation of meteor radiation
Pan’ko E.A., Flin P., Pikhun A.I.195
The use of patrol plates of the Odessa astronomical observatory for study period variations of eclipsing binary systems
Osika O.B., Lozits’ky V.G.198
Spectral manifestations of the small-scale magnetic field inhomogeneity in solar flare on 25 October 2003
Marchenko V.V., Hnatyk B.I.207
Gamma-ray flash from relativistic shock break out at the surface of Hypernova star
Shumakova T.A., Berczik P.P.211
Numerical simulations of the chemical evolution of complex gravitating disk and dwarf galaxies system
Shkvarun R.V., Pilyugin L.S.218
Methods of determination of the abundance of oxygen in HII regions. Oxygen abundance distribution in disks of spiral galaxies
Pan’ko E.A., Flin P.226
The construction of а new catalogue of galaxy clusters
Fedorova E.V., Aleksandrov A.N., Zhdanov V.I.229
Source models in gravitational lens system Q2237+0305 and high amplification events
Vid’machenko A.P., Nevodovsky E.P., Nevodovsky P.V.236
Light modulators for astronomical polarimeters
Rumyantsev V.V., Chernykh N.S.242
Automatic telescope for observation of near-Earth asteroids
Parnyakov E.S., Rashik Ulla Beyg Mirza M.246
Space-time-frequency criteria of the optoelectronic autocollimation meter quality estimation
Pogoreltsev M.T.251
Researches of a scanner opportunity for photographic plates processing and astrometric and photometric data gaining
Lyashko D.A.254
Automatic continuum echelle spectra normalization
Kozak P.N., Rozhilo A.A.259
Astrometric and photometric precision of measurements at digital processing of tv wide-angle images of astronomical objects
Andronov I.L., Baklanov A.V.264
Algorithm of the artificial comparison star for the CCD photometry
Surdin V.G.273
Astronomy and society