Astronomical School’s Report, 2013, Volume 9, Issue 2

Zyelyk Ya.I.93
Creation of tools and development of techniques for post-launch calibration of space optic sensors of “Sich” space system
Guglya L.I., Ryabov M.I., Suharev A.L.102
Properties indexes of space weather and possibility their application to analysis data of long duration observation fluxes radiosources on radiotelescope “Uran-4”
Kulichenko N.A., Shulga A.V., Kozyrev E.S., Sibiryakova E.S.107
Meteor television observations in Research Institute “Nikolaev Astronomical Observatory”
Klianchin A.I., Prokof'eva-Mikchailovskaya V.V.111
Determining the size of craters on the surfaces of atmosphereless bodies in Solar system with ground-based methods
Sydorenko M.V., Sushchov O.B.115
Role of stochastic scattering in Virgo A turbulent regions
Mikailov Kh.M., Churyumov K.I., Guliev R.A., Ismailova Sh.K.119
Catalogue of emission lines in the spectrum of the comet C/2004 Q2 (Machholz) on 15 January, 2004
Churyumov K.I.125
Catalogue of comets passing through perihelion in 2014
Goncharenko O.S., Denisyuk B.I., Katushkov V.A., Gladilin V.N.130
Recovery of the geoid's profile using spline functions
Burachek V.G., Zatserkovniy V.I., Stetsenko I.V.134
Development of model of geo-information support for decision making in a system of territory management
Churyumov K.I., Rapoport Yu.G.139
Soliton model of formation of spherical clouds in the cometary plasma tail
Bogdan A.V., Marchenko V.V., Hnatyk B.I.142
Multiwavelength studies of extragalactic jets structure
Vidmachenko A.P., Steklov A.F.146
Study of cometary matter on the Earth surface
Kabashnikov V.P., Milinevsky G.P., Bovchaliuk A.P., Danylevsky V.O.149
Retrieval source areas producing aerosols arrived in central part of Ukraine using back-trajectory statistics
Kovalenko N.S., Guliyev R.A., Churyumov K.I., Ponomarenko V.A., Kleshchenok V.V.155
Dynamical evolution of 93 Damocloids
Chernetska N.V., Chubko L.S.162
The analysis of the satellite image rectification accuracy by different methods
Kosarev M.V., Yasenev S.O.169
The use of satellite images for the tasks of geoinformatic mapping
Karimov A.M.176
Absorption of methane in the Saturn's atmosphere near 2009 equinox
Tereshchenko A.A., Zavizion O.V., Zheleznyak O.A.180
Refinement of the approximation of celestial bodies' gravitational field using polyhedra