Astronomical School’s Report, 2013, Volume 9, Issue 1

Babenko M.A., Zakhozhay V.A.6
Summarized effective temperatures scale of main sequence stars and substars
Churyumov K.I., Ponomarenko V.A., Kleshchonok V.V., Baransky A.R., Kovalenko N.S.10
Luminescent continuum and other spectral features of comets C/2007 N3 (Lulin)
Lozitsky V.G.15
To the problem of temporal changes of magnetic fields in small-scale magnetic fluxtubes during 11-years cycle of solar activity
Zhdanov V.I., Fedorova E.V., Alexandrov A.N., Slyusar V.M.20
Cosmological and astrophysical challenges of General Relativity
Krivodubskij V.N.28
The role of the negative helical turbulent viscosity in the fragmentations of the magnetic fields on the Sun
Pilipenko S.G.37
Application of UARS satellite measurements for investigation of wind variations in the upper atmosphere
Kruchinenko V.G., Churyumov K.I., Mozgova A.M.43
Physics of the Chelyabinsk bolide
Nikolaenko А.Е., Shugaley О.А.48
Using of GIS technology in problems of transport logistics
Sukhov P.P.51
Photometrical observations of geostationary satellites on small phase angles
Sokolovska A.V.54
System analysis methods for estimation of the condition of the urban territory by using the remote sensing space information (by example of Kiev)
Tomchenko O.V.59
Systems approach to estimation of ecological state of shallow waters of the Kiev reservoir via remote sensing data analysis
Tugay A.V64
Spectra of X-ray galaxies in filaments
Radchenko K.A.68
Stability of retrograde orbits of moons in the non-spherical planet's gravitational field
Slyusarev I.G., Shevchenko V.G., Belskaya I.N., Krugly Yu.N., Chiorny V.G.75
Results of photometry of selected asteroids from the Hilda group
Vasylenko A.A., Fedorova E.V., Zhdanov V.I.80
Features of the X-ray spectra of active galactic nuclei Mrk 1498
Suharev A.L., Ryabov M.I., Donskix A.I., Aller M.85
Variability flux of extragalactic sources DА55, CTA 102, 3C 120 AND OJ 287 in microwave range