Astronomical School’s Report, 2012, Volume 8, Issue 2

Zakhozhay V.A., Babenko M.O.108
Solar stellar and substellar environment. II. Classification and determination of main characteristics
Zakhozhay V.A., Babenko M.O.119
Solar stellar and substellar environment. III. Statistical bonds and distribution functions
Zheleznyak O.A., Tereshchenko A.A.129
Equilibrium and stability of а thin torus in the gravitation field of a galaxy
Vidmachenko A.P.136
Magnetic field of planets, satellites and asteroids
Churyumov K.I.149
Catalogue of 59 comets passing perihelion of their orbit in 2012
Sydorenko M.M., Marchenko V.V.153
The direct numerical simulation of charged particles' acceleration in turbulent magnetized plasmas
Tugay A.V., Vasylenko A.A., Zaetc T.A.160
X-Ray spectra of AGN's with strong emission lines
Vovk V.S., Kaluzhniy N.A., Kozyrev E.S., Shulga A.V.166
Automatic radio signal processing in meteor observation by using of over-the-horizon sensing
Navrotsky Yu.E.171
Remote estimation of some asteroids' surface porosity
Churyumov K.I., Berezhnoy A.A., Ponomarenko V.O., Baransky O.R., Churyumova T.K., Kleshchenok V.V., Mozgova A.M., Kovalenko N.S., Shevchenko V.V., Kozlova E.A., Pakhomov Yu.V., Velikodsky Yu.I.175
Observations of the nonstationary atmosphere of the Moon and some its parameters
Zatserkovniy V.I.182
The conception of construction of regional geoinformation system for Chernihiv region
Churyumov K.I., Ponomarenko V.O., Kleshchonok V.V., Baransky O.R., Lukyanyk I.V.195
Fluorescent continuum and characteristic scales of parent and daughter molecules in the coma of comet C/2009 K5 (McNaught) for spectral observations in March–April 2010
Radchenko K.O.200
On the origin of retrograde satellites of planets
Shavlovskij V.I.209
Analysis of the solar phase curves of the Jupiter's satellite Callisto
Shpak A.V.212
Comparative analysis of supervised methods for the classification of mountain forests based on space imagery from the satellite RapidEye