Astronomical School’s Report, 2016, Volume 12, Issue 1

Haigel Y.I., Zazulyak P.M.1
Some results of Moon's gravitational field investigations
Kozak P.M.7
Anomalous photometrical displays in faint meteors from TV observations in Kyiv
Vidmachenko A.P.14
Activity of processes on the visible surfaces of Solar System bodies
Vidmachenko A.P.27
Periodic changes of the activity of processes in Jupiter's atmosphere
Zatserkovnyi V.I., Bogoslavskyi M.D.38
Modelling of settlement territory flooding using geoinformation technologies
Kobzar A.V.44
Features of exoplanet discovering at our Galaxy's star ecliptics by the example of identification of the seventh transit at the light curve from the star KOI-351
Mikhalchuk V.V.49
The long-period calendar moon-solar cycles
Semeniv O.V.53
Analysis of the informative components for estimation of vegetation biochemical parameters using the reflection spectra
Gebrin-Baydi L.V., Belenok V.Yu., Zheleznyak O.O., Nikolaenko M.I.57
Usage of space spectrophotometry for remote determination of physical and chemical properties of soil for landscape areas of the Transcarpathia
Denysiuk V.P., Negodenko Е.V.62
Trigonometric splines and their applications to solve some problems of celestial mechanics
Kuznyetsova Yu., Krushevska V.N., Zakhozhay O.V., Matsiaka O.M., Vidmachenko A.P., Shliakhetskaya Ya.O., Andreev M.V., Romanyuk Ya.O.67
The study of exoplanets and protoplanetary discs in the Main astronomical observatory of NAS of Ukraine
Churyumov K.I., Steklov A.F., Vidmachenko A.P., Dashkiev G.N.72
“Churyumov Unified Network”: new tasks for astronomical observatories to protect society
Putrenko V.V.77
Data mining of the land cover in Ukraine on the basis of Globeland 30 data