Astronomical School’s Report, 2015, Volume 11, Issue 1

Vidmachenko A.P.1
Seasons on Saturn. I. Changes in reflecting characteristics of the atmosphere at 1964–2012
Vidmachenko A.P.15
Seasons on Saturn. II. Influence of solar activity on variation of methane absorption
Stankevich S.A.24
Interplanetary missions instruments for infrared survey of planets and moons
Krivodubskij V.N.34
Double maxima of 11-year solar cycles
Kuznyetsova Yu., Shliakhetskaya Y., Matsiaka O., Krushevska V., Romanyuk Ya.48
Application of transit timing variation method (TTV) to exoplanet system TrES-3
Pyrohova U.V., Golubov O.A.53
Limiting values and general relativity
Semeniv O.V.56
Vegetation state estimation based on the fourier analysis of remote sensing data
Radchenko K.A., Yasenev S.A.61
Features of acquisition and processing of the data of remote sensing of the planetary satellites
Gladilin V.N.69
A possibility to determine the latitude and the polar flattening of the earth using the gyroscopic theodolite
Zatserkovnyi V.I., Zinchenko I.M., Kryvoberets S.V., Uglickih E.K.75
Remote sensing technologies in problems of the assessment of crop yields
Zatserkovnyi V.I., Kobrin O.V.84
GIS as a tool for efficient management of transport streams
Pidgorodetska L.V., Zyelyk Ya.I.91
Detection of winter crops by satellite data on the basis of soil-adaptive perpendicular vegetation index