Astronomical School’s Report, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 2

Aleksandrov A.B., Bagulya A.V., Vladimirov M.S., Goncharova L.A., Ivliev A.I., Kalinina G.V., Kashkarov L.L., Konovalova N.S., Okateva N.M., Polukhina N.G., Roussetski A.S., Starkov N.I., Tsarev N.I.145
Meteorites as a natural detectors of very heavy galactic cosmic ray nuclei: some aspects of the experimental track studies
Alexeev V.A., Gorin V.D., Kashkarov L.L., Ustinova G.K.150
The main belt 3628 Boznemcova asteroid as possible source of the LL6-chondrites
Asanov M.M., Kozhokhina O.V., Linchevskyi I.V., Skrypets A.V., Tronko V.D.155
Photopolarimetric method of polarization radiation parameters determination
Bagrov A.V., Bolgova G.T., Kartashova A.P., Leonov V.A., Sorokin N.A.161
The modeled estimate of angular size for young meteor showers radiant area
Bagrov A.V., Bolgova G.T., Kartashova A.P., Leonov V.A., Sorokin N.A.166
Modeling of the origin of wide meteoroid shower produced by multi-stage parent comet disaster
Bagrov A.V., Bolgova G.T., Kartashova A.P., Leonov V.A., Sorokin N.A.171
Investigation of outburst activity of comets as a base for revealing interplanetary meteor showers
Belevtsev R.Ya., Churyumov K.I., Sobotovich E.V., Spivak S.D., Blajko V.I., Solonenko V.I., Shehunova S.B., Stadnichenko S.N.175
Chemical and mineral composition of particles of bright bolid EN171101 “Turyi Remety” in Zakarpattya region
Belevtsev R.Ya.179
About thermodynamic model of the Earth
Berezhnoy A.A., Churyumov K.I., Shevchenko V.V., Buchachenko A.A., Baransky O.R., Churyumova T.K., Kleshchenok V.V., Kozlova E.A., Ponomarenko V.O., Stolyarov A.V., Tvorun O.V.185
Behavior of Na atoms in the lunar exosphere during activity of meteor showers
Ivliev A.I, Kalinina G.V., Kashkarov L.L., Polukhina N.G., Tsarev V.A.190
Pallasite meteorites: cosmic ray irradiation and shock-thermal history by the data of track and thermoluminescence analysis
Bronshten V.A., Churyumov K.I., Ponomarenko V.A., Kruchinenko V.G., Churyumova T.K., Mozgovoy A.V., Mozgovaya O.M., Serbova M.I.195
Catalog and Grotrian diagrams for the lines of multiplet iron FeI and FeII, observed in meteor and cometary comas
Burachek V.G., Zatserkovniy V.I., Belenok V.Yu.202
Analysis of the accuracy requirement for aerospace pictures and digital maps and development of approaches for software of their improvement
Churyumov K.І., Chubko L.S., Ponomarenko V.O.208
The optical spectra of comets
Churyumov K.I., Kleschonok V.V., Baransky O.R., Ponomarenko V.O.221
Morphological peculiarities of dust jets in the coma of comet 81P/Wild 2
Churyumov K.I., Kruchinenko V.G., Chubko L.S., Kucherov A.P., Churyumova T.K., Ponomarenko V.A.225
Clarification of the site of fall down of the copper impactor comet on the nucleus of comet 9P/Tempel 1 and confirmation of the sizes of artificial crater on the nucleus
Guliev A.C., Churyumov K.I., Poladova U.J., Chubko L.S.227
Calculation of the physical parameters of 100 long periodic comets 1980–2004 with the account of their elongation from the Sun
Kovalenko N.S., Churyumov K.I., Babenko Yu.G.230
Orbital evolution of 95Р/Chiron, 39P/Oterma, 29P/Shwassmann–Wachmann 1, and of 33 Centaurs
Kovalenko N.S.234
Statistical distributions of Centaurs' orbital elements
Kruchinenko V.G., Churyumov K.I., Churyumova T.K., Melnik O.K.241
Thermal explosions of cometary nuclei in the Earth's atmosphere
Kulikova N.V., Tischenko V.I.245
The development of brightness outburst of comet Holmes – model and observations
Markina A.K., Skoblikova L.Ya.252
Meteoric particles with implicit hyperbolic orbits
Maslyuh V.O., Hnatyk B.I.258
Cosmic rays from hypernovae explosions
Tarashchuk V.P.262
Asteroids and comets: one-hundredth anniversary of discoveries, observations and researches in Crimea
Terentjeva A.K., Barabanov S.I.271
Сomplexes of minor bodies in the Solar system
Valter A.A.277
Astroblemes: the rate of discovery, space and age distribution, an example of Illintsy
Drobyshevski E.M.285
I.S.Astapovich and a cometary nature of Tunguska meteorite of 1908
Terentyeva A.K., Churyumov K.I.294
The life and science of professor of astronomy Igor S. Astapovich (1908–1974)
Smirnov V.A.304
Memories about the teacher – Igor S. Astapovich
Churyumov K.I.311
Fourth International Conference “Comets, Asteroids, Meteors, Meteorites, Astroblemes, Craters” (CAMMAC 2008)