Astronomical School’s Report, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 1

Vidmachenko A.P., Morozhenko O.V.6
The study Earth-like planets using spacecraft
Krivodubskij V.N.20
Origin and generation of magnetic fields of celestial bodies
Churyumov K.I.31
Approach of spacecraft Rosetta with comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko nucleus – the first scientific results
Churyumov K.I., Steklov A.F., Vidmachenko A.P., Steklov E.A.37
Traces on the sky: classification and results of regular observations of the twilight bolides
Zatserkovniy V.I.43
The development of approaches on GIS provision in territory management with exact and actual data by using virtual photo-detecting matrix
Zatserkovniy V.I., Syvik D.O., Babich A.A.51
Analysis of development of open source initiative GIS
Zatserkovniy V.I., Gebrin L.V., Komarova U.Yu., Kryvoberets S.V.56
Implementation of geografic information technologies in agrochemical monitoring of land resources (by the example of Chernihiv region)
Gradysky A.V., Kopteva O.M.62
Energy density and pressure of the Stefani's universe with radiation and negative spatial curvature
Mikhalchuk V.V.66
The long-period of the real moon-solar cycle
Semeniv O.V.70
Estimation biochemical components in vegetation based on statistical learning methods and remote sensing data
Burachek V.G., Belenok V.Yu., Mamontova L.S.75
Method for determination of the height of photographing for remote sensing
Gladilin V.N., Goncharenko A.S., Shudra N.S.79
Simulation of the probability distribution of angular residuals in a triangulation network