Astronomical School’s Report, 2001, Volume 2, Issue 2

Zheleznyak O.O., Klokar N.I.5
First all-ukrainian scientific practical conference, devoted to the problems of astronomical education
Koval’ I.K.9
On the problem of astronomy education in Ukraine
Aleksandrov Yu.V., Zakhozhay V.A.13
Astronomy in the system of university education
Aleksandrov Yu.V., Grets’ky A.M., Yevsiukov M.M., Zakhozhay V.A., Psar’ov V.O., Prishlyak M.P.16
On the project of complex scientific methodological documents on teaching astronomy in a secondary school
Aleksandrov Yu.V.33
On preparation of Specialists and Masters in astronomy
Karetnikov V.G.36
Learning of astronomy is one of the components of modern education
Prishlyak M.P., Prishlyak T.D.42
The role of сosmic factors in the evolution of the Earth's ecological system
Bogdan T.M.48
Learning of star sky with self-made models
Tkachenko I.A.52
The peculiarities of simple astronomy tools producing
Lesovoy A.G.57
Some aspects of astronomy teaching in different clubs
Ismailov N.Z.59
Quick time dynamic changes in the atmosphere of χ Psc
Komarov N.S.70
The evolution of nuclides
Zheleznyak O.A., Tereschenko A.A.86
Formation of non-stationary gas-dust structures in triaxial precessing galaxies
Melekh B.Ya.96
Helium abundance determination in hii regions of blue compact dwarf galaxies
Marchenko A.N.102
On the current estimation of some mechanical and geometrical parameters of the Earth
Bannikova E.Yu.109
Bremsstrahlung radiation from vicinity of an object without events horizon
Kovalenko N.S., Babenko Yu.G., Churiumov K.I.113
Orbital evolution of Centaurs objects 2060 Chiron, 5145 Pholus, 7066 Nessus, 8405 Asbolus, 10199 Chariklo, 10370 Hylonome