Astronomical School’s Report, 2001, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 59–69
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UDC 524.338.3

Quick time dynamic changes in the atmosphere of χ Psc

Ismailov N.Z.

Shamakhi Astrophysical Observatory, Azerbaijan


Based on high spectral and time resolution spectroscopy the results for the 1998–1999 observations of magnetic peculiar Ap star χ Psc (HD220825) were presented. Sort time pulsation type variation of spectral lines parameters were observed. On the power spectra analysis in range of frequency 0–120 d-1 on the various of spectral lines parameters we determined 3 possible periods. P1 = 0.585±0.025 days, probable is rotation period of the star. The period P2 = 0.0119±0.0008 days (17 min) and possible P3 = 0.0096±0.0004 days (13 min) may be pulsation periods of the star. It is showed that early measured by other authors magnetic field of the star well described with the periods P1 and P2 and shows variability as radial velocity curves of spectral lines of peculiar elements. Different lines in whole shows pulsation type variability with various amplitudes of radial velocities, and lines of peculiar elements shows large amplitudes. First were obtained synchrony variation of spectral parameters of lines with magnetic field strength whose had been observed by different authors in different times. It is showed that magnetic field and peculiarity character of the star have some physical connection.



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