Astronomical School’s Report, 2017, Volume 13, Issue 2

Vidmachenko A.P.64
Super-Earth at a distance of less than 1,000 AU in Solar system is absent
Krivodubskij V.N.68
Sources of solar energy and interplanetary magnetic field
Tugay A.V., Voytsehovsky V.V.81
Simulation of large-scale structure of Universe with Gaussian random fields
Bogoslavskyy M.D.85
Client-server interaction in geoinformation reference system
Zakhozhay V.A., Zabuga S.I.91
About time of hydrogen burning in stellar entrails. New formulas for approximation
Zyelyk Ya.I., Chornyy S.V., Pidgorodetska L.V.95
Post-launch radiometric calibration of electro-optic sensors for Earth from space observation by differential method with the taking into account atmosphere transmittance coefficient
Zatserkovnyi V.I., Ralko A.O., Tustanovska L.V.100
Geoinformation technologies in problems of power consumption efficiency analysis
Nіkolaenko А.Е., Kozub A.N.112
Using navigational technologies in geologistics problems
Gladilin V.N., Shudra N.S., Dubkova A.O.116
Probabilistic-statistical sequential analysis of the results of geodetic measurements