Astronomical School’s Report, 2018, Volume 14, Issue 2

Vidmachenko A.P.51
Changes in the activity factor of Jupiter's hemispheres again are periodic
Fys M.M., Brydun A.M., Yurkiv M.I.56
The algorithm and the basic formulas of the reduction of fundamental constants to the planetary coordinate system
Krivodubskij V.N.62
Convective overshoot and tachochlin are the most favorable the deep layers of the Sun to excite a toroidal magnetic field
Zyelyk Ya.I., Pidgorodetska L.V., Chornyy S.V.70
Estimation of the thermodynamic temperature field of the land surface using satellite data based on land cover classification
Goncharenko O.S., Gladilin V.N., Katushkov V.O.78
Using the map service “Wikimapia” to quickly determine the planned coordinates of topographic objects
Tugay A.V., Shevchenko S.Yu., Ponomarenko O.О.81
Observations of interacting galaxies NGC 2341 and NGC 2342 in X-ray band
Tugay A.V.87
Dark matter filaments