Astronomical School’s Report, 2017, Volume 13, Issue 1

Fys М.М., Brydun A.M., Sohor A.R.1
Research of structure of coefficients' representation of the potential by everywhere convergent series
Semeniv O.V., Lapchuk V.P.5
Spectrographic method for estimation of the heavy metal salts influence on the plants growth
Vidmachenko A.P.11
Features of the structure of Ceres surface
Kozak P.M.22
Application of statistical methods for processing of meteor TV observations
Vidmachenko A.P.28
Variations in the photometric activity of Jupiter's cloud layer again become periodic
Mikhalchuk V.V.35
The structure of the calendar solar cycle
Zatserkovnyi V.I., Tustanovska L.V., Kobryn O.V.40
Transport problems of modern cities
Ishchenko M.V.48
Estimation of velocities using GNSS observations in the GNSS Data Analysis Center of GAO NASU for further geodynamical studies
Belenok V.Yu., Derkach D.I., Rul N.V.54
Use of aerospace methods and image processing methods of remote sensing of the Earth for environmental monitoring of Kakhovka reservoir