Astronomical School’s Report, 2012, Volume 8, Issue 1

Babenko M.O., Zakhozhay V.A.6
New stellar masses, the calculation of the direct methods
Zakhozhay V.A., Babenko M.O.13
Solar stellar and substellar environment. I. Location in the galaxy and catalogues
Ksanfomalіtі L.V., Churyumov K.І.22
The physical mechanism of future separation of comet 103R/Hartley 2 nucleus
Antonov V.A., Zheleznyak O.A., Tereshchenko A.A.28
Determination of closed orbits around asymmetrical rotating galaxies by an energy method
Korkina M.P., Kopteva E.M.31
Generalization of Tolman–Bondi solution
Lozitsky V.G., Efimenko V.M.34
Forecast of solar activity in 24th cycle
Churyumov K.I.38
Space missions to the nuclei of comets – the key to understanding the cosmogony of the Solar system
Belevtsev R.Ya., Churyumov K.I., Spivak S.D., Melnik Е.K.49
Thermodynamycal evolution of the Earth and Mars with formation of ocean, free atmospheric oxygen and generation of life
Bogdan A.V., Marchenko V.V., Hnatyk B.I.55
The structure of X-ray jet of 3C 273
Botygina O.A., Lozitsky V.G.58
Comparison of magnetic fields in quiescent solar prominences measured by D3 HeI and Hα lines
Burachek V.G., Zheleznyak O.A., Kobernik I.M.62
Automated device for astronomical coordinates determination
Iegurnov O.O., Korkina M.P.66
Cosmological model with perfect fluid
Kazantsev A.M., Serdyukov I.V71
Asteroid space distribution near the Earth's orbit at different seasons
Churyumov K.I., Ponomarenko V.O., Kleshchonok V.V., Baransky O.R., Kovalenko N.S.75
Exploration of spectra of comet 81P/Wild 2 observed in March–April 2010
Kharchuk S.V., Korsun P.P.80
The formation of striated structures in dust tails of comets
Klianchin A.I., Prokof'eva-Mikchailovskaya V.V.87
The reason for the difference data of photometric observations Galilean satellites from Earth and from space
Churyumov K.I., Ponomarenko V.O., Kleshchonok V.V., Mozgova A.M., Kuznetsov M.A.91
Optical spectroscopy of comet 103Р/Hartley 2 on October 2010
Lozitsky V.G., Lozitska N.I.96
Observations of 8-kilogauss magnetic field in a sunspot
Melekh B.Ya., Gavrylova N.V., Sokil M.M.101
Method of multi-stage seek for models of high-metallicity nebular objects' emission
Mikhalchuk V.V.104
Various aspects of moon-solar cycle and their application for an calculation of age of the Moon