Astronomical School’s Report, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 1

Agienko K.B.7
Investigation of the origin of nebular HeII emission in the spectra of low-metallicity HII regions from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Berezhnoy A.A.11
Behavior of metal-containing species during entries of meteoroids into atmospheres of Mars, Jupiter, and Titan
Bogdan A.V., Hnatyk B.I.16
Dynamics of the binary black hole system in quasar OJ287
Burachek V.G., Zatserkovniy V.I., Belenok V.Yu.19
A new variant of method of stereophotogrammetric survey of terrain
Gnatyk R.B.24
Nature of ultra high energy cosmic rays on the basis of the recent results from experiment AUGER
Skulsky M.Yu.28
From pulsations of the Sun to the wave nature of the planetary system structurization
Koval A.A.34
Analysis of quiet-Sun radio observations using the decametric telescope UTR-2
Kozak L.V., Pylypenko S.G.42
Temperature changes of the Earth upper atmosphere over storms from satellite measurements
Kucherov O.P., Pazdriy Y.E.48
Advanced hurricane studies by a spectral detection technique: polarimetry, infrared and mass spectroscopy
Lozitsky V.G., Andriets O.S.56
Magnetic field strucrure in weak solar flares on photospheric and chromospheric levels
Lozitsky V.G., Botygina O.A.60
Comparison of magnetic fields in an aсtive prominence measured in D_3HeІ and Hα lines
Lozitsky V.G., Klyueva A.I.63
Peculiarities of the Zeeman splitting in lines with small Lande factors in a sunspot spectrum
Marchenko V.V., Sukach K., Sokolov D., Komok I., Sushchov O.70
The X-ray and radio structure of extragalactic jets
Maslyuh V.O., Hnatyk B.I., Ostrowski M., Stawarz L.74
Searching of non-thermal X-ray emission from nearest galaxy clusters with large-scale outburst of active galactic nucleus
Navrotskiy Yu.78
Estimating the porosity of the upper soil layer for some details of the Moon
Shpak A.V., Zheleznyak O.A.88
Geoinformation analysis of remote sensing data to forecast the possibility of forest fires
Skrypets A.V., Tronko V.D., Asanov M.M.93
The research of optically transparent ferrites application possibility for portable high-speed photopolarimeters creation
Kravchenko D.V.99
On the influence of non-gravitational forces on cometary dynamics
Sushchov O., Gnatyk B.I., Kobzar O., Marchenko V.V.104
Correlation of ultrahigh energy cosmic rays with nearest sources
Sydorenko M.V., Hnatyk B.I., Marchenko V.V.108
Stochastic acceleration of cosmic rays in region of relativistic jet deceleration in blazars
Tugay A.V., Vasylenko A.A.114
X-ray emission of galaxies with emission lines
Vid'machenko A.P., Morozhenko A.V., Klyanchin A.I.117
Features of morphology and geology of surface of Jupiter satellite Europe
Vid'machenko A.P., Morozhenko A.V., Klyanchin A.I., Shavlovskiy V.I., Ivanov Yu.S., Kostogryz N.M.133
Asymmetry of reflective properties of the hemispheres of Jupiter satellite Europa