Astronomical School’s Report, 2009, Volume 6, Issue 1

Zakhozhaj V.А.6
On the way to decision of the Galaxy structure and evolution problem. I. Forming of modern conceptions
Zakhozhaj V.А.16
On the way to decision of the Galaxy structure and evolution problem. II. Structure and consequence of key events
Chernogor L.F.30
Physical processes accompanying the flyby of the Vitim bolide on September 24, 2002
Chernogor L.F.44
Centenary of Tunguska phenomenon. Space threat and methods of planetary protection
Vid'machenko А.P.56
Planetary atmospheres
Mikhalchuk V.V.69
Improvement of age of the Moon in lunisolar cycle
Skulsky M.Yu., Romanyuk I.I.73
Stellar magnetic fields and measurement techniques
Tereschenko I.A., Shevchenko V.G., Chiorny V.G., Krugly Yu.N., Belskaya I.N., Gaftonjuk N.M.83
Brightness behavior of asteroids at small phase angles. Results of observations
Agienko K.B.88
The investigation of chemical abundance and ionized gas kinematics in IC4662 galaxy
Kolesnik S.Ya., Paltsev N.G.93
Determination of rotation parameters of unstabilizd artificial earth satellite (AES), presented by model “diffuse cylinder”
Kulikova N.V., Chepurova V.M.98
On the account of gravitational perturbations in computer simulation technology of meteoroid complex formation and evolution
Mashkov O.A., Samborskiy I.I.104
Pseudosatellite technologies based on the use of functionally stable complexes of remote-piloted aircrafts
Ishchenko M.V.114
Review of permanent GNSS-stations networks
Tereshchenko A.A.118
Periodic orbits inside the self-gravitating inhomogeneous precessing ellipsoid
Baransky O.R., Borysenko S.A., Churyumov K.I.127
Observations of solar system small bodies at observational station of Kyiv National University in Lisnyky in 2006