Astronomical School’s Report, 2003, Volume 4, Issue 2

Zakhozhay V.A.5
Stellar researches direction in science activity of N.P.Barabashov
Marchenko A.N., Tartachynska Z.R., Yakimovich A.N.11
Regional gravity field determination from satellite altimetry data in the Black Sea and Azov Sea area
Masniak I.S., Hnatyk B.I., Zhdanov V.I.17
Variability of gravitational lens images, caused by variability of gravitational field of lens: binary systems and loops of cosmic strings
Bilinskiy A.I., Blagodyr Ya.T., Logvinenko A.A.23
Quality control of first observations carried out on the “Lviv” observation point in the international net “ILRS”
Litvinenko O.A., Podol’sky S.A.28
The influence of meteorological conditions on quality of radio-astronomical observations in the decameter wave band
Litvinenko I.O.33
Measuring of intensity of variable radio sources using the 4-level adaptive digitizer
Ivanova A.V., Shulman L.M.38
Effect of enhanced sublimation from an active region of a cometary nucleus
Shul’man L.M.43
Origin of comets
Kislyuk V.S.55
Problems of colonization of the Moon
Vid’machenco A.P., Benedichuk T.B., Pavliuk O.V.70
Relation of Jovian synchrotron emission with solar activity cycle
Reshetnik V.M.72
Angular distribution of solar wind parameters
Krushevs’ka V.M., Benedichuk T.B., Vid’machenko A.P.77
Variations of brightness temperatures of Uranus and Neptune
Chubko L.S., Churyumov K.I., Lukyanyk I.V., Kleshchonok V.V.83
About changes in the spectra of comet C/1999 S4 (LINEAR)
Churyumov K.I., Lukyanik O.I., Chavushyan V., Palma A., Sandoval L., Berezhnoi A.A., Chubko L.S.88
Investigation of spectra of comet C/2000 WM1 (LINEAR)
Mykhalchuk N.M., Vidmachenko A.P.91
Appearance of second harmonic in Jupiter’s and Saturn’s spectrum
Tugay A.V.94
Simulation of velocity field for the sample of 1501 galaxies caused by the individual attractor
Gavrilova N.V.99
Ionization-correction factors for the chemical composition determination of planetary nebulae with density gas fluctuations taking into account
Marchenko V., Gnatik B.104
Сollimation of relativistic and nonrelativistic shock waves in medium with large-scale density gradient
Hnatyk B.I., Elyyiv A.A.112
Search for sources of ultra high energy cosmic rays