Astronomical School’s Report, 2020, Volume 16, Issue 2

Sohor A.R., Fys M.M., Brydun A.M., Sohor M.A.33
Web-mapping of environmental pollution of the surface waters of the Lviv region
Fys M.M., Brydun A.M., Sohor A.R.38
Estimation of accuracy of the values defined from functional dependencies
Zhilyaev B.E., Vidmachenko A.P., Steklov A.F.43
Physical characteristics of space invasion
Zyelyk Ya.I., Pidgorodetska L.V., Chornyy S.V., Kolos L.M., Dykach Yu.R.48
Implementation of linear regression and neural network models for local climate change assessment and forecasting based on time series data