Astronomical School’s Report, 2000, Volume 1, Issue 2

Antonov V.A., Zheleznyak O.A., Kondrat’ev B.P.5
On the problem of substituting self-gravitating disks in the potential theory
Marchenko A.N.12
On the representation of planet’s gravitational and magnetic fields. Planet’s radial density profiles
Korkina M.P., Grigor’ev S.B.29
Experiments of general relativity in the solar system
Burlikov V.V.38
Spheres of anisotropic fluid in general relativity
Apunevych S.Ye.42
Determination of cosmological parameters by the data on anisotropy of cosmic microwave background
Aleksandrov Yu.V., Portyankina A.V.47
Approximation of asteroids gravitational fields by the gravitational doublet
Marchenko D.A.51
A note on the temporal trend of point positions in the Ukraine area
Antonov V.A.56
Problems of the dynamics and the origin of comets
Lupishko D.F.63
Physical properties of asteroids
Kruchinenko V.G.78
Accretion of cosmic matter onto the earth
Vid’machenko A.P.91
Seasonal changes and free oscillations of giant planets atmospheres
Surdin V.G.106
Fractal origin of the ideal hierarchical star clusters
Melekh B.Ya.111
On determination of chemical composition of hii region in blue compact dwarf galaxies
Gavrilova N.V., Tishko N.L.115
The influence of planetary nebula gas density fluctuations to its emission line spectra