Astronomical School’s Report, 2003, Volume 4, Issue 1

Antonov V.A.6
An energy of oscillations of conservative systems with internal flows
Antonov V.A.14
Modification of the error ellipsoid under mass point motion
Antonov V.A.25
Remarks on the problem of stability in stellar dynamics
Antonov V.A.33
On the co-operative processes in gravitating systems
Antonov V.A.35
On the instability of stationary spherical models with purely radial motions
Antonov V.A.38
The instability of a cold gravitating rotating cylinder
Antonov V.A., Nuritdinov S.N.40
Nonlinear oscillations of some homogeneous models of stellar systems. I. the case of radial oscillations
Antonov V.A., Nuritdinov S.N.45
The exact form of autonomous oscillations of the Camm’s phase model of spherical stellar cluster
Antonov V.A.47
The stability of spherical clusters with respect to perturbations of finite amplitude
Antonov V.A., Nuritdinov S.N.50
The stability of non-linear non-radial oscillations of the two-dimensional models of rotating stellar systems
Antonov V.A., Nezhinsky E.M.58
On the stability of an infinite cylinder having anisotropic velocity distribution
Antonov V.A.66
An exact determination of the natural oscillation spectrum of stellar systems by the example of the model of a plane homogeneous layer
Antonov V.A., Zheleznyak O.A.83
Stability of the self-gravitating gas-dust lane in the differentially rotating galaxy
Antonov V.A., Chernin A.D.90
Non-linear waves in a gravitating gas
Antonov V.A., Baranov A.S.98
Stability of a gas-dust disk at inflections of the angular velocity
Antonov V.A., Zheleznyak O.A.111
Equilibrium configurations of the interstellar medium layers in the presence of magnetic field and gravitation
Antonov V.A., Zheleznyak O.A., Tereschenko A.A.121
On equilibrium angular velocity of gas-dust matter flows in self-gravitating systems