Astronomical School’s Report, 2000, Volume 1, Issue 1

Antonov V.A.6
Stability and evolution of galaxies
Gershberg R.E.16
Magnetic fields and spots of low-mass stars
Marchenko A.N.34
Solutions of Clairaut's equation and the piecewise Roche's density model
Antonov V.A., Zheleznyak O.A., Zavizion O.V.44
Description of the gravitational potential of bodies of revolution
Turinov A.N.51
The exact spherically symmetric static sol utions that describes anisotropic liquid
Burlikov V.V.59
Static spherically symmetric distribution of anisotropic matter
Kuz’michev V.V.64
Quasistationary states of the quantum universe filled with the scalar field and radiation
Martyushov V.V.69
A point explosion within a cavity with power-law density distribution
Gorobets O.Yu.74
The example of analogy between the interaction of non-homogeneous distributions of magnetization of ferromagnetic and the gravitational interaction
Bilohan H.R.79
On solution of the special inverse gravimetric problem
Zavizion O.V.82
On the density of self-graviting disks having external potentials which coincide with gravitational potentials of ellipsoids of revolution
Fotza R., Abrikosov O.86
A special solution of the Laplace equation and the vase functions for the description of the planet's gravitational field
Malakhova Yu.N., Petrovskaya L.V., Shekhovtsova T.V.90
The giant vortices near the galactic corotation radius from 21 cm line properties
Melekh B.Ya.94
Determination of the energy distribution beyond layman limit in emission spectra of hii regions nuclei in blue compact dwarf galaxies
Fomina A.99
Maser amplification of Jupiter decametric radiation in magnetized plasma torus at Io orbit
Ivanova O.V., Lukyanyk I.V., Churiumov K.I.102
The light curves of comets Hale-Bopp’s (C/1995 01) and Hyakutake's (C/1996 B2), and their connection with solar activity
Filonenko V.S., Churyumov K.I.105
The active processes in comets as indicators of physical conditions in the interplanetary space
Rachkovs’ky O.M., Kris’kov Ts.A.109
Definition of geographical breadth of district by the measuring of horizontal coordinates of the sun